The Amazing Spider-Man 2 Torrent

The Amazing Spider-Man 2 is one of my favorite Spider-Man movies ever hands down and I will tell you why in just a few seconds.
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The Amazing Spider Man 2
The movie continues with the idea from the first one where we were left off with Peter and Gwen broken up after Peter promised officer Stacy that he will keep his daughter away from him and from danger. But when Spider Man 2 starts we see that Peter and Gwen are still together but he keeps seeing her dad everywhere because he know that being with her means that he’s breaking his promise.
The story is set during the protagonists graduation and we see that they are finishing high school and start a new chapter. But Peter is feeling guilty and she tells Gwen that they can’t be together and they break up again.

The Amazing Spider Man 2
After that we find out that Norman Osborn dies and leaves his son, Harry, the firm Oscorp with all the research that he has done. Peter finds out and goes to meet Harry, his childhood best friend, and they catch up.
This Spider-Man movie is very action packed, with two main villains: Electro and The Green Goblin this movie has a lot to give. You will find out more about Peter’s parents, why did they left him when he was a child and what they were doing before they were found dead.

Amazing spider man
Another thing that will keep the thrill going is the relationship between Peter and Gwen and between his best friend Harry which will be very disappointed of him. All the things will have a twist of situation and they will end in a way you won’t be expecting, but I will not say anything for the sake of this movie, I don’t want to ruin it with some major spoilers.

The Amazing Spider-Man 2
The actors that play in the movie are very good, we have Andrew Garfield as Peter Parker/Spider-Man, Emma Stone as Gwen Stacy and Jamie Foxx as Max Dillon that later will become Spider-Man’s main enemy in this movie, Electro. And another thing that I want to mention about this movie is that most of the soundtrack, if not all, was composed by Jamie Foxx, so he was really involved into making this movie besides the acting that he did,

The Amazing Spider-Man 2 Download free torrent
The Amazing Spider-Man 2 Download free torrent